Never let the backwoods come into his house again

We're suffering from a broken heart! This is what happens when you pick up a book at midnight already knowing what's to come, yet hoping against hope that you're wrong. We were more than willing to suspend our disbelief. But alas, were not given the chance. There's no sense in ruining the story for the rest of you, so we'll shut up.

The only thing that we do want to say is that you must pick up J. Marie Darden's Enemy Fields. We are generally not in the habit of recommending products. We prefer to present them and have you share with us your opinions. However, we're going to take a page out of Madame Oprah Winfrey's page and shout this "Book Club" selection to the world.


1954: Elvis Presley gives his first concert in Memphis

Happy to share that Memphis, an original Broadway musical about the underground clubs of the segregated 50's, is set to open at the Shubert Theater (255 West 44th Street, NYC) today.

Memphis tells the story of Huey Calhoun, a young white DJ, and his love for and musical collaboration with Felicia Farrell, an "electrifying black singer."Calhoun is played by Chad Kimball, and Farrell is played by Montego Glover.

Memphis features an original story by JOE DiPIETRO (I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change) and a brand-new score with music by Bon Jovi founding member David Bryan.


For your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned

We debated about blogging about this site for fear of giving them the publicity that they crave. However, it is our job to present the information to you and have you decide (and discuss with us) how you feel about it.

Without further ado, we present to you The Racial Slur Database. They proudly boast the tag line "Helping make the world a better place."

2,649 racial slurs and counting...


A new kind of political family

The American public is no stranger to politicians portraying happy wholesome families as a way of endearing us to them.

However, the families very rarely resemble that of Democratic City Councilman Bill de Blasio.  De Blasio, who is currently running for Public Advocate, is accused of using his family to appeal to the black community. So says City Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). 

We will let you be the judge.

Is he doing anything worse than what other politicians (those not involved in interracial relationships) have done in the past?

Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein

It wasn't our interview, but here is the story straight from the horse's mouth. This is from the Keith Bardwell, the Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to perform an interracial marriage.

An outright racist can be easily ignored and hated. The most troublesome aspect of this is that he truly believes he did this for a noble cause. We hope that your future great-granddaughter finds herself living happily ever after with your great-grandchild and her very dark skin black grandfather (karma's sense of humor is too rich for this not to happen).


Shame Shame Shame...You should've known better...

Special shame alert highlighting the Heene Family: the publicity hungry couple who 'punk'd' America into believing that their six-year-old son Falcon had disappeared in a balloon.

 They are currently faced with a maximum sentence of six years in prison and a $500,000 fine, but have yet to show any remorse for their shameful and selfish behavior.

Good job, losers (Parents, not children)!