Wedding Anniversary Jamaican Vacation

We were so excited to have one of our fabulous members, Katrina, share with us pictures of her second wedding anniversary vacation.

Katrina and Perry, who are from New Orleans (NOLA), celebrated their second wedding anniversary at the Sandals Grand Riviera AKA Grand Ocho Rios in Jamaica. 

According to Katrina, there's lots to do: multiple restaurants, bars, various water sports, golf, and so forth.

Some of the pictures below capture the wonderful stay. In case you're wondering, we are jealous.

Yay to celebrating interracial love!

One Heart. One Love.

On cloud 9!

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Is the water really that blue?

Did you really think we'd post something without food?

We'd never forget dessert!

Boat tour to work off some the wonderful meals

Pure HOTness!!!

Laughing.our.butts.off. Gotta love a man with enough sense to check out his wife.

Guess it worked. She gave him the goods. :)

Anniversary dinner. Love that she tied in her wedding day by wearing the same hair piece.