ABC Cancels One Life To Live. Our Tribute to Our Favorite Multicultural or Multiracial "Couples"

Dear One Life to Live:

Oh, how sad we are to see you go. We had a feeling this day was coming, but like a child too old to still believe in Santa, we secretly held out hope.

Taking a trip down memory lane, we'd like to highlight some of our Top 3 absolute favorite mixed-race and/or cross-cultural couples - those who actually are and those we wanted to be.

#3: Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans (played by Eddie Alderson and Shenell Edmonds):

Jewish-American Matthew and African-American Destiny are high schoolers who are the best of friends - although some would say (with good reasons) that Destiny is a much better to Matthew than he is to her. During his freshman year, Matthew had a desire to fit in with the cool crowd at school but it was Destiny who thought him that he didn't need a bunch of jerks to validate him. Destiny goes on to support Matthew through his brief paralysis (as a result of a car accident) and his lawsuit against his parents to allow him to undergo an experimental surgery - one that would have been performed by Destiny's hotshot surgeon brother Greg. After Matthew starts to walk again, Destiny reveals that she is in love with him, but he doesn't feel the same way. His heart belongs to Danielle Rayburn - the secret daughter of his Latina lawyer Tea Delgado and her white ex-husband Todd Manning.

Despite not returning her feelings, Destiny remained a good friend to Matthew. Matthew has shown his support for Destiny by standing by her after learning that the people who raised her were her grandparents and not her parents. She would learn later that her brother Greg is her father. 

Earlier this year, Matthew and Destiny kissed for the first time following a series of events in which both felt betrayed by their families.

We hope to have Matthew come to realize how deeply in love he is with Destiny before One Life To Live's final episode.

Do you hear us Powers-that-be?

#2: Bo and Nora Buchanan (played by Emmy-winners Robert S. Woods and Hillary B. Smith): 

Non-Jewish Bo and Jewish Nora were first married in 1995 by none other than the A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop bam boo king (aka Little Richard). Not long after their wedding, Bo's son Drew dies and he becomes inconsolable. Fearing that Bo was starting to feel that he had nothing to live for, Nora lied and told him that she was pregnant. Believing that Bo was shooting blanks, Nora convinced her ex Sam Rappaport to knock her up. Like all good soap opera secrets, nothing stays secret for long. A drunken Lindsay, Sam's ex-wife, publicly blabbed to all who would listen that Nora had slept with Sam. Needless to say, Bo was not pleased. He left her and they were apart for about 10 years - even though he learned that Matthew (yep, the same one noted above) was indeed his child.

Many relationships later (including Nora's brief marriage to Bo's brother Clint - we won't talk about that), Nora and Bo finally got back together and were married in June of 2010.

Both weddings are below for your viewing pleasure.

#1: John McBain and Evangeline Williamson (played by Michael Easton and Renee Goldsberry): 

Irish-American brooding hottie John and African-American classic beauty Evangeline started as "no strings attached" lovers but ended up irrevocably etched into each other's hearts - don't care how it's been written, Natalie is not John's one true love.

 The breakup of John and Evangeline (it went downhill when John chose to rescue Natalie before Evangeline when they were both being held hostage by a madman) left a crack in our hearts that will never fully heal.

One Life to Live, if we could turn back the hands of time, we'd go back to the days when Evangeline and John were still happily in love and you still had a secure place in the ABC daytime lineup.

You will be missed.

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