Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone.

According to Chrys Ankeny of Historynet.com, personal ads for companionship have a rich tradition in America. Mail-order requests for brides were the natural result of the fact that out West, men could prospect for gold but rarely for respectable females.

In his article, The History of Mail Order Brides, Ken Marlborough goes on to explain the modern day version of this phenomenon. He explains the trend in the early 1980s of Western men who extended their search for a perfect soul mate. Initially, Asian women were the ones advertising themselves as MOB. Eastern European women, especially Russian, came into the fold with the fall of the Iron Curtain. The introduction of the internet increased the ease and reliability of creating future romantic partnerships.

A recent episode of We TV's Secret Lives of Women explores this subject in modern times. The episode follows a group of women on their journey to find international love. As with other non-traditional methods of dating and marriage, the mail order system is viewed with skepticism by many friends and families of those involved.

So, what are your feelings about this matter?

Would this be something that you would consider for yourself?

Would it be something that you would be okay with your family and friends doing it?


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