"Then in unison, they boarded a sky-rocket to the stars and snatched a moment of supreme pleasure before drifting back to earth."

There's never a bad day to read a romance novel.

That's the stance that we take around here. Name a romance subgenre and we've probably read at least a handful of books from most of its prominent authors. We have, on countless occasions, invested our hearts in the stories of heroes and heroines created in the minds of authors such as: Sandra Brown, Brenda Jackson, Dyanne Davis, Lisa G. Riley, Gwynne Forster, Judith Arnold, Lynn Erickson, Beverly Clark, Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts and Lauren Wilde.

Call it what you will - guilty pleasure, mindless escape, waste of time - but we'll bet that more than a fair share of you also indulge in this pastime. How else can you explain the $1.37 billion in sales that romance fiction generated in 2008 ALONE? According to Romance Writers of America’s 2009 Reader Survey, 74.8 million Americans read at least one romance novel in 2008, with the core of the romance fiction market at 29 million regular readers. In 2005, Harlequin was selling more than 4 books per second, half of them internationally.  

Your secret is safe with us  ------ for a small price *wink wink*.

All we ask is that you join us for this three-part series on the world of romance fiction.

The three sections are broken down in the following manner:

a. a brief introduction to the world of romance fiction
b. a profile of the multicultural subgenre - with a focus on interracial
c. a profile of the inspirational/religious subgenre - with a focus on Amish culture

We can share fun facts and stories that remind us of why there's a common bond between romance readers. Somewhere in the world someone is curling up in a comfortable spot, grabbing a drink of choice and pulling out one of her favorite novels from its hidden place. Give yourself permission to get lost in the lives of the characters on the page. However, just be back in time to join us for parts two and three of this series in the next few weeks.



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A special thanks to Uncle Walter's Bad Romance Novel Quotes (http://cli.gs/nv2tu3) for the awesome title of today's post. This is taken from Mistress Against Her Will by Lee Wilkinson.

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