I am a Haitian who CANNOT cook.

Dear Readers,

Before we even start, I'd like you to pinky promise that you will not share this post with my mama. She would take it as a personal offense that I'm sharing with the world wide web ("that place. you know, that Internet place" - as she refers to it) the fact that her Haitian daughter CANNOT cook. Somewhere all Haitian mamas stopped to wipe a single tear from their eyes.

Now that you've pinky promised (essentially a legally binding contract), we can talk. In an effort to free my meat-loving hubby from always being forced to eat fish and non-meat products, I decided to create a menu for the next two weeks that would incorporate more animal products. First up: beef stir-fry. In my mind (and in other people's reality) this dish is simple enough to make - especially with already pre-cut strips. Unfortunately, I have the reverse midas touch. Everything I touch turn to ash. This beef stir-fry dinner was not an exception. As you can see there are very few pieces left - had to throw out most of it.

My poor hubby mistakenly believed that the same culinary angel who blessed my grandma, mama and older sister had also touched me. NOT. He should have found himself a traditional Italian woman to marry. Too bad he didn't have a time machine to take him back to the old country.

Until next time,


Stir-Fry Dinner Epic Fail

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