NY Times Mixed America's Family Trees

Happy Tuesday Readers!

It's still a cold, dreary, rainy day in NYC. Hopefully it clears up soon. I miss spring.

While on my random morning research run, I was excited to discover this interactive feature on the New York Time's site titled Mixed America's Family Trees.

The description for the site reads:

The United States is in the midst of a demographic shift. Driven by immigration and intermarriage, multiracial and multiethnic Americans — usually grouped together as “mixed-race” — are one of the country’s fastest growing demographic groups. Examine the mixed-race family trees submitted by readers and listen to them describe their families, then submit your own.

I especially love the trees with the audio files attached. Take a look and listen to actor Lou Diamond Phillips Family Tree.

This is probably the extra motivation I needed to go back to tracing my ancestral line. I took up this task in college but quickly gave up as I kept running into brick wall after brick wall. Multiple natural disasters and coups in Haiti do not make for expert record keeping.

I'll keep you posted on this journey. If you end up posting your tree on the site, please let me know. I'd love to feature it. 


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