One Life To Live's High Schoolers Destiny and Matthew Have Sex.

Dear Readers,

Boo! As much as I wanted the writers at One Life to Live to bring Destiny and Matthew together, I cannot agree with this rush to have them have sex.

This is wrong on so many levels:

They're still in high school. And before you call me a prude, I'm sure that high school kids are having sex all the time. However, how crazy would it be to show a storyline with two kids (D&M would be perfect since they've generally been more mature than most kids their age) who actually consider that sex is a big deal and are not necessarily ready to take that step? They did so with Danielle (Todd and Tea's daughter who is biracial Latina and White) and her boyfriend Nate. Why not with Destiny and Matthew?!?!? How is it that the black - the dark skin one at that - girl is the one to be gung-ho for premarital sex? Not saying it IS a racial thing. Just pointing out that it's curious. 

The actors (who are both quite adorable) look like the kids that they are. I was uncomfortable watching Matthew take Destiny's hand and lead her to the bedroom. It just felt wrong. Like a really screwed up version of children playing grownups. Think Cruel Intentions. The movie with Ryan Phillipe. Side note: talk about a waste of precious time that I will NEVER get back. 

Matthew needs to prove himself to Destiny and let her know that she's not just the comfortable shoe he turns to when things are going wrong in his life. She's been an amazing and loyal friend to him even though he has not returned the favor. I'd like to see her respect herself enough to stand up to him and let him know that she's not going to accept being a second class citizen in his life.

I know the writers are trying to tell as many stories as they can before One Life to Live's cancellation, but they need to respect and remember their loyal viewers. We know the characters and are invested in them. Please don't insult us by giving us stories that are completely out of character for them. This is NOT the way for them to live the one life that they have. 


E (aka an upset fan)


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