HawthoRNe Interracial Wedding

Dear Readers,

If you don't know it by now, I'm a huge fan of the relationship between “HawthoRNe” Jada Pinkett Smith’s Christina Hawthorne and Michael Vartan's Dr. Tom Wakefield.

Last season ended two interracial love triangles:

Tom - Christina - Nick (Detective Nick Renata, played by Marc Anthony)

Christina - Tom - Erin (Actress Abigail Spencer)

Now that Christina and Tom are expecting a  baby we hope to retire these triangles for good. Let's focus on this new family being built. Although, we have to admit that Nick and Christina were adorable together. 

Thanks @ for the sneak peek of the wedding.



Tikki said...

Hi, nice blog. Have you seen the move Away We Go?

everythingiric said...

Thanks! I like both of yours, too.

Away We Go is the one with Maya Rudolph, right? I haven't seen it yet. Is this one that you would recommend?