Multiracial and Multicultural Weddings...Commence Drooling

Dear Readers,

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I little black heart weddings. I don't necessarily like to attend them, nor am I a huge proponent of marriage - yes, I know I'm married. No, I'm more of a side-line viewer. I like to watch various TV shows and visit websites that capture all aspects of the wedding experience: the couple's story, the dress, the food, the decor...you name it. I'm especially excited when it's an interracial or intercultural couple because the diversity provides an added component.

One of my favorite sites to drool over is Wedding Nouveau. Below are some highlights of some of those I like the most. Trust me, it was a difficult decision.

You can check out Wedding Nouveau to view more.



Indian and Finnish

Black and Jewish

Nigerian and Chinese/Vietnamese
Egyptian American

West-Indian Canadian and Canadian

Bengali American and Scottish

Korean American

Vietnamese and Taiwanese