Thank you for being an [interracial] friend...

Dear Readers,

Sorry I've been slacking on the blog posts...work has been keeping me pretty busy. As a way to unwind, I've been watching nonstop reruns of the Golden Girls. I little black heart this show and all the ladies - especially Sophia, who I most identify with. 

I have yet to meet the person (age, race, ethnicity, whatever) who has watched this show and not enjoyed it. If you are that person, please don't spoil it for me by admitting it. 

For your enjoyment, I present: "The Golden Girls" Mixed Blessings (1988)
The episode where Dorothy's son Michael is engaged to a black woman who is twice his age. 
Sophia Petrillo: [Sophia walks in and sees Lorraine and her family, of African American decent] What is this a revival of Raisins in the Sun?
Michael Zbornak: Grandma, this is my fiancé, Lorraine, and this is her mother and her two aunts.
Sophia Petrillo: Wait-wait-wait-wait... This is your fiancé?
Michael Zbornak: Yep, that's right.
Sophia Petrillo: You couldn't find someone your own age?
Greta: What is that supposed to mean?
Sophia Petrillo: No offense, but it looks as though you're daughter's been around the block more times then a good humour man!
Greta: [Turns to her sister] Hold my purse - those are fighting words!
Rose Nylund: Stop it all of you! What difference does it make that Lorraine's a little long in the tooth and Michael's a skinny white boy? Can't you see they love each other? We should be celebrating not arguing whether or not it's right. Now what do you say we all join hands and sing a chorus of 'Abraham, Martin and John?'
Greta: Is she for real?
Dorothy Petrillo-Zbornak: Yep - frightening isn't it?  


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